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Igg Food Antibody Guided Elimination-Rotation Diet Was More Effective than FODMAP Diet and Control Diet in the Treatment of Women with Mixed IBS-Results from an Open Label Study.

Ostrowska, L ;  Wasiluk, D ;  Lieners, CFJ ;  Gałęcka, M ;  Bartnicka, A ;  Tveiten, D Journal of clinical medicine. 2021;10(19) IBS, also known as irritable bowel syndrome, is a debilitating condition characterised by abdominal pain, irregular bowel movements, and changes in the consistency of stool. Symptoms of IBS may appear shortly after eating a meal. Excluding foods high […]

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Vitamin D, immunity, influenza and asthma

Vitamin D supplementation supports immunity,  prevents asthma and influenza Vitamin D testing using a simple finger tip blood test provides results from the lab quickly and then the correct amount of supplementation can be provided. Vitamin D levels in the UK, linked to poor levels of the sunshine and all essential ultraviolet rays for vitamin D absorption, are […]

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Vitamin C – a vital nutrient for immunity and at times of stress

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Our vitamin C requirements are higher than for any other water soluble vitamin. Ideally we would take a vitamin C supplement often and in smaller amounts throughout the day, as it is rapidly used up by the body. It is not possible for the body to store reserves of vitamin C. If we drink caffeine […]

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Essential nutrients Depleted by the Pill

These essential nutrients and more are commonly depleted by taking oral contraceptives: • Magnesium• Zinc• Folic acid• Vitamin B12• Vitamin E Follow the link to this article for scientific information on these depletions: Depletion of these essential vitamins and minerals may have long and short term health effects.

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