Healthy Eating Paleo Friendly Cafe in NHS Hospital

Dr Tom Kelley and Nutritionist Christine Bailey have put together a business plan to open the first ever Healthy Eating Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly Café in an NHS Hospital.
Health Kitchen wants to change the face of fast food in the UK. Starting with NHS Hospitals they are seeking funds to open their first healthy cafe providing nourishing, affordable food for hospital staff and visitors.Kale Salad
Obesity is a public-health crisis and every day, in hospitals across the country there are trolley rounds, fast-food franchises, canteens and vending machines offering junk food, sweet drinks and sugary snacks for patients, staff and visitors.

Efforts to resolve this situation are underway through the work of Dr Tom Kelley and Nutritionist Christine Bailey.
Meals and snacks will be low in refined carbohydrates and sugar, with the inclusion of healthy fats, protein rich foods and colourful vegetables. No trans fats and no artificial sweeteners will be included. Organic meats, sustainably caught fish and a wide variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits will be included.

They are planning on serving a range of fresh juices and superfood smoothies, fermented foods, raw salads, meat and fish dishes, healthy desserts and snacks. All foods will be ethically sourced and affordable, keeping prices low to encourage everyone to experience these foods.