New Year nutrition resolutions!

The word ‘detox’ is used a great deal for New Year’s resolutions. It is better to eat wisely than to enter into a serious detox programme. Our bodies are currently at their lowest immune state and vunerable to the effects of poor nutrition, which a ‘detox’, unless carried out carefully, can actually be.

Natural, warming winter foods are the body’s main requirement through January, until the days start to lengthen more. Vitamin D deficiency is often a hidden problem causing a knock on effect of related hidden symptoms, including SAD (seasonal affective disorder), skin complaints, borderline depression and digestive symptoms.

Through January eat well using winter vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of fluids. Supplementation on the advice of a nutriitonal therapist is also a good idea to assist with resistance to the many winter viruses going around.

For detox advice, improved health through nutrition and professional food intolerance testing and advice to kickstart your New Year!