Spring foods

We are leading up to the Spring Equinox on 20th March. The word Equinox means ‘day and night of equal length’. Days are lengthening and everything is literally ‘springing’ into life. Plants are shooting, bulbs flowering and there is a feeling of great promise of foods inabundance! Spring is a time of change in health and a surge in energy.

This is a good time to explore new foods and to get outside in the fresh air and increase our exposure to the sun. There is widespread Vitamin D deficiency in the UK at this time of year, because of our lack of sun exposure. This has wide implications for health, including SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), when levels of serotonin are low. This is a great time of year to boost our vitamin and mineral levels naturally, with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Increased exposure to the sun, taking a walk for at least twenty minutes per day, helps to raise serotonin and Vitamin D levels.

Foods to eat in Spring are fresh greens, young plants, sprouted grains, beetroot, carrots, garlic. Salads, some raw foods and lighter foods are ideal at this time of year as they are cleansing and refreshing. Spring is a time to enjoy the fresh, emerging fruits and vegetables around us!