Spring Nutrition

Days are lengthening and there is a feeling of ‘Spring in the Air’. A great time to reassess and gradually modify our diet to reflect the awakening of Spring. Shifting from warming Winter foods to provide us with warmth and energy to lighter foods of Spring. These may include green salads, including rocket and watercress, providing us with essential vitamins and minerals.

The green coloured, chlorophyll within salad and other green vegetables provides a refreshing and renewing aspect when included in a ‘Detox’. Possible health benefits of these foods containing chlorophyll include inflammation reduction, improved toxin elimination and promotion of healthy intestinal flora. The cooling and calming effect of green foods are added benefits.
Spring Salad Recipe:
Other salad green vegetables in season
1 level tbsp chopped fresh chives
Dressing made from 2 tbsps olive Oil, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

This salad will have an alkalising effect on the body and provide essential daily nutrients. This is a helpful inclusion as part of a Spring ‘Detox’ plan.