The Paleo Diet

Food for thought! Looking back at our ancestors and the concept of the Paleolithic diet, we can aim to optimise our own diets for health benefits. This could mean naturally lowering cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

The average European and American diet contains much higher levels of saturated fats, refined sugars and other processed food products. Artificial sweeteners were unheard of. Foods available in quantity, eaten to excess and in isolation were not available. Today supermarkets contain an abundance and range of foods well beyond our requirements. In the ‘Paleo Diet’ low fat meats and fish, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy oils are included. Refined cereals, dairy products, processed meats, refined sugars and oils were not available in Paleolithic times.

It is not advisable to follow any particular diet trend e.g. the ‘low carb diet’ as the body’s mechanisms can be compromised. Any changes to diet to optimise health should be folowed under the guidance of a health professional, but Including at least 50% vegetables and fruits in the diet all year round, is a great way to optimise health.

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