Price List

  • Nutritional Therapy Consultation including supplement prescription and full dietary analysis, 1 hour £89
  • Nutritional Therapy Consultation with scientific IgG blood test for food allergies and intolerances, full dietary analysis, results to take with you, 1 hour £149
  • Consultation with scientific laboratory blood test for inhaled, airborne allergens including house dust mite, pollens and moulds, 1 hour £149
  • Consultation with scientific blood test for Vitamin D levels, results in 3 weeks, 1 hour £129
  • 7-Day Diet Plan including recipes and guidelines to follow after your initial consultation £95
  • Other laboratory tests may be recommended at the consultation. Prices vary and full details will be given at the consultation
  • Weight loss program, following the low GI diet, dietary recommendations and nutritional advice consultation, 1 hour £89
  • Metabolic Typing DNA Test for optimising weight £259 (Nutrigenomix), at a consultation
  • Follow up appointment, 35 minutes, usually 4-5 weeks after your initial consultation £59

All nutritional therapy and food intolerance consultations include full dietary and health analysis, vitamin and mineral assessment, acid and alkaline balance of diet, with supplement prescription. Includes written recommendations at the end of your appointment.
Various scientific laboratory tests may be recommended at the consultation, including pinprick blood tests, blood tests, stool tests, candida, toxic & essential elements, adrenal stress profile, essential fatty acid profile, Vitamin D, heavy metal toxicity, hair mineral analysis. Prices vary for these laboratory tests and will be advised at the consultation.
Also available at your consultation: Nutrigenomix – Personalised Nutrition Assessment and Profile – Eat According to Your Genes with a Personalised dietary report to optimise your health.

Laboratories used for tests:

Genova Diagnostics

Biolab Medical Unit

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences

Brunel Health