The clinic is open as usual during Covid-19:

All appointments are by telephone, Zoom or WhatsApp.

Laboratory test kits are sent to you by post.

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A Few Services Body Balance Nutrition Offers

Scientific Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing using specialist clinical nutrition laboratories.

Allergy testing, Make an Appointment

Food intolerance and allergy testing and nutritional therapy.

Optimising Your Health

You may have health problems, feel below par or require a sports nutrition programme.

Weight Loss Programs

Personalised weight loss, DNA testing available, 7 day diet plan to reach your goals.

From The Nutrition Blog

Vitamin D, immunity, influenza and asthma

Vitamin D supplementation supports immunity,  prevents asthma and influenza

Vitamin D testing using a simple finger tip blood test provides results from the lab quickly and then the correct amount of supplementation can be provided. Vitamin D levels in the UK, linked to …

Vitamin C – a vital nutrient for immunity and at times of stress

Boost vitamin C levels by ‘eating a rainbow’ every day. We need little and often vitamin C throughout the day to support immunity at times of stress.

Our vitamin C requirements are higher than for any other water soluble vitamin. …

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