Life changing

I would recommend Liz to anyone seeking help with health issues. She guided me in the benefits of nutrition and food for healing. I had very helpful recommendations for vitamins and supliments. I very much appreciated her experience and knowledge.  J W May 2023

Liz has given me my life back. I have benefited from Liz’s advice and support over a number of years. My recent symptoms have again been resolved with nutritional advice and supplements. She’s done it again! Anne,  April 2020

I have been seeing Liz for nearly three years now and cannot express how happy I am to find her!
She is my light at the end of a tunnel.
On two occasions when all else failed Liz found a solution!!
Not only is her knowledge and expertise exceptional, Liz has a wonderful compassionate way that always leaves you feeling better!
Thank you Liz for all your hard work and just caring!!                                      JV June 2020

I was suffering from menopausal symptoms, including low energy, depression and hot flushes. I was on HRT and antidepressants. After a consultation with Liz, I never looked back. Liz’s approach to my symptoms has made a huge difference to my life. I now have increased energy levels and my other symptoms have disappeared. I can highly recommend Liz’s holistic, structured approach using dietary recommendations and supplements. The effects have been amazing.

– PB, Taunton 2019.

Since cutting out cow’s milk products, my stomach complaints have altered. I have loads more energy and I am losing weight slowly but surely, feel better in myself overall. i cannot believe the difference in my mood swings as well, generally feel more happy and alive, thank you.

Massive thanks for the help and advice given with the food intolerance test. The difference it has made after just a short space of time is truly amazing! I am less bloated, have more energy and my troublesome skin has totally disappeared. I will be recommending you.

Liz put me completely at ease and was not remotely judgemental. Her empathy was magnificent and it is clear she deserves her qualifications because she is exceptionally knowledgeable. She also has a knack in explaining things in a way that is very easy to understand. The result of my thorough but non daunting food intolerance test was that I had intolerances to wheat and white fish. This certainly explained why fish and chips had not been agreeing with me – I’d put it down to it being greasy fried food – how wrong I was.

With the results established, Liz proved great reassurance, solutions and coaching as to how I could best move forward, including dietary alternatives and advice on how I could replace nutrients I would be missing.

The outcome- 3 months later and I am feeling much better, have had no nasty ‘turns’ and I am enjoying my life. A visit to Liz has made a massive difference to my life and those around me. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her!

I visited Liz 2 years ago with extensive eczema across my neck, patches over 7cm in length and width and crippling gastric reflux. My GP couldn’t find a suitable solution and I was finding it difficult to sleep….. I was recommended to Liz and she completely sorted me out with a nutritional programme to reduce the excessive amount of acid I was producing. She addressed my vitamin deficiency and within less than 12 weeks I was significantly better. 2 years on with 6 monthly reviews and I am cured. Liz has changed my life, I can wear clothes that expose my neck, I feel confident again – have said goodbye to hydrocortisone cream and no longer need ant-acids.

I highly recommend Liz and commend her gentle, structured and highly professional service – she saved my life!

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